Introducing Brian Robinson of  C Woodcock and Co – South Dakota USA

“We offer timeless goods and vintage-inspired outdoor fashion to those who value the craftsmanship, tradition, and sustainability of a bygone era”

C Woodcock & Co. sources and offers timeless goods and vintage-inspired fashion to those who value the craftsmanship, quality, tradition, nostalgia, and sustainability of a bygone age. Accruing a patina of time, our products connect people to a sense of permanence in a disposable age of “fast fashion.” Thus, C Woodcock & Co. empowers its customers to participate in building a future that is more sustainable, stable, and secure.

We are over the moon that Brian and his team have chosen Foxy Pheasant to join his carefully curated collection of brands . We very much see ourselves as a timeless brand – “Style never goes out of fashion”

C Woodcock & Co stock some exceptional vintage gems curated alongside companies that reflect Brians individual style and ethos the manufacturers of hand made boots worn by presidents, generals, kings, movie stars and hunters all over the world (and soon company directors of clothing companies here in the UK – I love them ) Check out their icon history –  Hand made leather luggage offering a lifetime guarantee – “Conserving our resources and heritage through the production of superior leather goods.

Then there is the icing on the cake Corcoran Woodcock Co not only walk the walk but they talk the talk too…….

Brian and the team also offers the whole “shooting match” (see what I did there ? lol) no really he does – Corcoran Woodcock Co are able to match you up with a variety of shooting experiences over in the USA  with a great selection of hunting trips already organised for you to attend.

Check out the current diary dates at :

That just leaves us to say thank you Corcoran Woodcock for joining us on our adventures in business and we very much look forward to finding out what the USA think of