The 2023 Big Farmland Bird Count takes place from 3-19 February

This important initiative offers a simple means of recording the effects of conservation schemes (if any) currently being initiated by farmers, gamekeepers and landowners on their land.

All you have to do to be involved is :

1. Download your count sheet Here

2. Count your birds! between 3-19 February (takes 30 minutes)

3. Submit your results online Here

Please don’t worry too much about not being able to identify everything, the Big Farmland Brid Count team have provided a helpful crib sheet to help you – CLICK HERE to download

Do your part for Citizen Science

Farmers, gamekeepers and anyone who manages a piece of countryside is key in doing their bit to ensure the survival of farmland bird species such as skylark, yellowhammer, corn buntings and wild grey partridges. The Big Farmland Bird Count will collect the data to show a snap shot of current bird populations. This data can then be used to further understand the needs of farmland birds to help build upon the current “bottom up” conservation approach GWCT is facilitating.

The Team at Foxy HQ will be doing their bit by counting here on the Farm and out and about in West Wales. Follow us on our social media streams to see how we get on.

You can stay involved with the story on socials by using the #bfbc

To find out more about The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust click here

Foxy Pheasant are Trade Members of the GWCT and Amanda is Chair of the local fundraising branch here in West Wales – We would love you to become involved too.

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