English Partridge once a common site in our Arable fields across the UK

Do you care about conservation, wildlife, game, farming or fishing? If so, have you thought about becoming a member of Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Foxy Pheasant Ltd are trade members of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and actively support their local Welsh Team.

In joining GWCT as a trade member means Foxy Pheasant is supporting the work of a leading scientific conservation research organisation. We take great satisfaction knowing we are helping our British countryside thrive, both for now and future generations. I grew up on a farm in East Shropshire where the principles of the GWCT’s habitat management, supplementary feeding and predator control had been in place since the 1950’s. I have first hand experience of working with the GWCT’s principles and visions . This first hand experience of actively managing our countryside through wise use has made me a very keen ambassador of the organisation and its work. I urge you to visit their website, take part in their events, get involved with local committee fundraising and look at their membership packages.

Director of Foxy Pheasant – Amanda Harris-Lea

More about what Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust do.

It is GWCT mission to ” aim for a thriving countryside rich in game and other wildlife “.

GWCT are not a lobbying organisation – they are scientific research charity that has been in existence for over 80 years.

How do the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust aim to do it ?

  • They use science to promote game and wildlife management as an essential part of nature conservation.
  • They develop scientifically researched game and wildlife management techniques.
  • They promote our work to conservationists, including farmers and landowners and offer an on-site advisory service on all aspects of game and wildlife management, so that Britain’s countryside and its wildlife are enhanced for the public benefit.
  • They influence government policy with sound science that creates progressive and effective policies.
  • They support best practice for field sports that contribute to improving the biodiversity of the countryside.

What do the GWCT believe?

  • Scientific research should underpin sustainable conservation practice.
  • Game and wildlife management is the foundation of good conservation.
  • Field sports (in particular shooting and fishing) can contribute substantially to the conservation of landscape, habitat and wildlife.
  • Humane and targeted predator control is an essential part of effective game and wildlife conservation.
  • We utterly oppose those who engage in wildlife crime.
  • Good conservation goes hand-in-hand with economic land use.

Why should you become a GWCT Member?

A GWCT Trade Membership entitles two people to the benefits enjoyed by our members plus a FREE guest blog post on our website which will be promoted to thousands of GWCT members and non-members alike. The guest blog post is an opportunity for you to communicate a strong message about your business to our members, website visitors and via social media – tens of thousands of potential customers. Membership also gives access to dozens of unique courses and events taking place throughout the year, a great opportunity for networking and the chance to visit our pioneering Allerton Project Farm at Loddington for a guided tour.

Comparably, trade membership to GWCT is economical, at £8 a month direct debit. Support the future of our British countryside that so many of us cherish on a day to day basis – ensure future generations have the same opportunities as we do – get involved with GWCT Wales.

(if you decide to include more…)Other benefits:

✓ Free copies of Gamewise, our feature-packed magazine produced 3 times a year.

✓ Your own free personal copy of our Annual Review.

✓ Participation in members’ prize draw raffles.

✓ A preferential car parking pass for the GWCT’s Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace.

✓ Regular email updates containing all our latest news and research findings.

✓ You can join your local County Group and get directly involved.

Local GWCT committees are always looking for support. If you are interested in finding our more about GWCT and in particularly GWCT Wales please contact the team or Emma Mellen Fundraising & Members Officer on  emellen@gwct.org.uk

Please also feel free to contact the team here at www.foxypheasant.co.uk based in Rural West Wales, making clothing in the Great British Countryside for your country side.