Here at Foxy Pheasant we are actively marketing and promoting the use of coppiced products as interior design features. Promoting the act of bringing nature in to the home. What we like to call “Rustic Loveliness”.

“Sustainably sourced timber.”

The commercial harvesting of timber, for use or sale, is often considered a prime cause of the disappearance of forests. But it need not be, and under proper management it never is ……. The mere cutting of timber need not seriously harm the woods. What does the damage is the prevention of regrowth thereafter…

H.L. Edlin, Trees, Woods and Man 1956

Coppicing of Woodland has been carried out for thousands of years. Coppicing met demands to produce regular sustainable crops of timber where it was needed, that could be managed and harvested with the most basic of tools.

(Coppicing is a method of woodland management which takes advantage of the fact that some species of tree will make new growth from their stumps when cut down. Woodsmen cut suitable trees to the ground every few years, these trees then send up multiple new shoots from the stump)

Historically demand for coppiced timber was based on the needs of the times. The Romans needed thousands of tonnes of timber for the production of charcoal for the smelting of iron. In Medieval times house builders needed timber for the timber framed, wattle and daube constructions of the period.

With time and the developments in technology the requirements for timber produced in this labour intensive way declined.  Coppicing of native tree varieties was pushed to the back burner in favour of quick growing, standard trees that could be mechanically managed on a larger scale.

Over the years those old coppiced wood lands were lost to modern forestry, ploughed up or left to grow wild.

Today new uses are sought for coppiced timber to make its labour intensive management technique a commercially viable option for foresters.

Currently the “Rustic” “Woodland” look is on trend, encouraging the use of natural timber products as decorative items in homes and gardens.

Foxy Pheasant is fortunate enough to be located with sustainably managed woodland coppice enterprise just metres from our HQ here in West Wales. We work closely with our neighbours to develop products that we hope you love as much as we do.

So when you purchase a coppice wood product from Foxy Pheasant you are helping to sustain the ancient art of coppiced woodland management and the many associated environmental benefits that go with it.

Thank you