Wired Headbands – Land Girl Style


Inspired by the Army of strong women that worked the land during both WW1 and WW2

Hand made here in Pembrokeshire

“I take your mum bun and raise your hardworking hair  to the next level! ”

Stylish and Practical

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We think you will love our wired head bands that are practical whilst adding a flash of colour to your outfit. Hand made in Pembrokeshire from  super soft lycra fabrics in our unique designs.

The head bands contain a long length of robust cotton coated wire that hold the head band in place securely. Enabling you to embellish that standard windswept mumbun, sweaping hair out of your face, covering roots all whilst adding a little pop of colour to your working day uniform.

How much do we love these? off the scale – Why? The super soft fabric is comfy to wear with the cotton covered wire providing firm security meaning that once in place there is little need for readjustments.

Inspired by the Army of strong women that worked the land during both WW1 and WW2, the “Land Girls” as they be came known as were also famous for jazzing up their uniforms with brightly coloured but practical head bands.

To find out more about these amazing ladies and what they did for the War efforts ( without loosing sight of their own identities with a bit of practical glamour – and lipstick) head to www.womenslandarmy.co.uk

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