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Custom made soft furnishings and interior styling services

Soft Furnishings

At Foxy Pheasant we also create soft furnishings to our customers specification. Our highly skilled and experienced seamstresses turn projects around in a a few weeks. We use the phrase “highly skilled and experienced” as our ladies hold the measurement of their years at this profession as a closely guarded secret. To date they have never divulged how many years they have actually been creating amazing things from fabric. What we can say is they are  true alchemist’s, able to create virtually anything from your home from fabric – the possibilities really are endless.

We can create soft furnishings using our own Foxy Pheasant fabrics, those that we retail by the metre and fabrics supplied by our clients. In addition we have direct trading relationships with fabric manufacturers such as Linwood and Mulberry Home and can purchase directly for our made to measure customers. Over the years we have searched out and collected together an edited collection of fabulous feature fabrics with a sporting theme from various fabric suppliers. 

Our prices start at £12.50 to make up a standard cushion (materials not included) and £29.50 for a basic single width standard lined curtain (materials not included). Every scheme is tailor made to our clients requirements therefore costs will also need to calculated for each individual project.

We would love to hear from you.

Please contact the studio by email at hello@foxypheasant.co.uk to discuss your soft furnishing requirements.

Interior Styling

In addition to our made to measure service we also offer a complete design and styling service for your interior space. We  work with our customers  to create a country house look that portrays the biography of the building and those that live in it. We can take old heirloom pieces and mix them with new treasures, we can revamp quirky shed finds to create unique talking points and dress it all with made to measure soft furnishings and carefully selected items to compliment the scheme. The possibilities are endless but what we do guarantee is a scheme that has been personalised to you and your space.

Please contact the Studio on hello@foxypheasant.co.uk or contact Amanda Harris-Lea directly on 07970 570 137 to discuss your project.

Foxy Pheasant

“Bringing the Countryside Home”

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