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Vintage Pheasant Post Card


Stunning vintage postcard, lovely vintage colouring.

Perfect for framing



Ralphael Truck & Sons “OILETTE”Post Card No.3814


Printed in England


“Apart from the beautiful plumage, especially the male, pheasants are characterised by the long wedge shaped tail, the spurred legs, and the absence of feathers from the side of the head. The eggs are laid in April and number from ten to fourteen, of an olive or occasionally of a paler blue colour. Probably no country in the worlds contains, for its size, so many pheasants as England.”

Gorgeous little mini piece of art work that would be perfect for framing and giving pride of place in a country home.

We also have a another similar¬†Ralphael Truck & Sons “OILETTE”Post Card¬†to make a perfect pair.