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Pine cone elf – The Foxy Pheasant Family



4 Pine cone elves from the Foxy Pheasant Family

Created by hand in our Farm house studio here in Wales.

Rustic Christmas decorations with a strong environmental ethos made in Pembrokeshire, West  Wales.

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Pine cone elf – The Foxy Pheasant Family


These little elves  utilise the fabric off cuts from our projects throughout the year. We like to use as much of our fabrics as possible. The “Foxy Pheasant” Elf family are made from off cuts of our own fabrics. All designed by myself to recreate the beautiful plumage seen on our game birds.

As the pine cone elves  are made from pieces of left over fabrics, pine cones (produced by mother nature), vintage threads, other up cycled components and locally purchased wooden beads – each elf is unique.

We are selling  them in multiples of 4. 

When you purchase your elf collection they will  NOT be  the EXACT ones in the photo. They will however be made of the same fabrics.

We make the Elves here in our Farm House Studio.

They are handmade from start to finish.



We have also given them their very own social media #tag to enable their new owners to photograph them out and about.  We all feel they are too cute to only be seen at Christmas.

To join in or follow their journeys see

#foxyelfontour on instagram 

These designs are by their very  nature  limited editions so early purchase is recommended before the fly off the sh-elf!




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