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Neck Tube – single layer


50cm in depth and approx. 51cm circumference

Single layer, unhemmed, light weight  fabric tube.

4 way stretch Lycra 82% Polyester 18% Lycra

LIMITED  STOCK soon to be replaced with reversible double layered option

Tailor Made here in Wales

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WILL BE REMOVED FROM SALE SUNDAY 25th OCTOBER 2020 to be replaced with the new Winter Weight version.

Available in all 7 of our fabric designs

These Neck Tubes are perfect for a chilly  morning on the Quad, Walking the dog or out and about – they are then small enough to pop in your pocket once you start to warm up.

We love these and wear them a lot as they add  a pop of Foxy Pheasant to any out fit whilst being wearable and practical.

We make no claims that these are in anyway a method to protect you from any viral infections, but they do comfortably cover your face should you so wish to do so.


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Chocolate, Chocolate tweed (effect), Hen, Moss tweed (effect), Ombre, Ombre tweed (effect), Partridge