Summer 2020 saw us all doing life with a little more creativity than usual. This was no different for the Team here at Foxy HQ. Amanda and Co had been working on a Peacock feather fabric design for a few months with out any real eureka moments.

One evening Amanda was scrolling through the Facebook Market Place and came across and entire Peacock tail for sale on a local farm.

Peacocks (and most birds) moult annually to regrow fresh feathers, lucky for us “Dai” the local Peacock moulted his tail feathers in his owners cosy straw barn. So over a few weeks his owner carefully collected his discarded tail feathers and offered them for sale on Market Place

The Peacock tail is a work of art, used by the Peacock to show off his prowess and to convince the female of the species that he really is the man!

Here he is – “Dai” the rather handsome Peacock showing off his impressive fresh crop of tail feathers.

Dai with his wife Blodwen enjoying a romantic summer evening here in West Wales !

The Foxy Pheasant Peacock fabric is now available to buy as leggings and accessories.