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Waffle Weave Blanket


Made from wool  woven on traditional looms in West Wales

150 cm x 200 cm

Please stipulate colour choice when ordering.



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Waffle weave blanket.

Made using  woollen fabric woven in West Wales on a traditional weaving  loom.

The techniques, the machinery  and the raw materials used has been unchanged for hundreds of years.

This type of weave that was traditionally used as bed blanket. Its deep honey comb like texture when sandwiched between sheets and other blankets allows warm air to trap within the layers, helping protect from  cold winter elements. This blankets are also great when used  in warmer weather too. Their light weight means that when  when used singly , body heat can escape whilst still being able to be comfy and snug.

This fabric has pedigree in its past, provenance in is manufacture and a future in modern home styling.

With this product  you can bring a small piece of Welsh heritage to your own  interior style. The waffle fabric is perfect for adding depth and dimension to the layered look.  Proving so popular we have sold out of some colours completely.

PINK and GREY are now SOLD OUT


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